National Aids Council Secretariat

Roles & Functions of National AIDS Council

The role of the Secretariat is multi-faceted and fulfills a range of leadership functions associated with coordination of the national HIV response. The NAC and its Secretariat (as defined by the NAC Act) are empowered to work through stakeholders to provide HIV/AIDS services.

Through implementation of this Corporate Plan, we will proactively strengthen our mandated core business to coordinate, facilitate, monitor and evaluate the provision of services by our stakeholders to the people of Papua New Guinea to:

  • Provide high quality secretariat support to the National AIDS Council and formal designated committees
  • Initiate and coordinates regular and proactive monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the national response
  • Coordinate, monitor and report on the HIV grants function that allocates funds to service providers implementing the National HIV and AIDS Strategy
  • Coordinate sector wide policy and strategy development and planning
  • Foster, coordinate and facilitate the collection and dissemination of research, information and data
  • Promote the creation of an enabling environment
  • Monitor and report on compliance with the HIV and AIDS Management and Prevention Act (HAMP Act)
  • Collaborate with the NDOH on the setting of appropriate protocols and standards for adoption by the health sector
  • Ensure the effective and efficient outsourcing of delivery of service related functions as outlined in the NAC Act