Policy and Planning Team

The Division consists of three staff and have the primary responsibility for supporting the Council with the formulation and reviewing of national policy and supporting its implementation. This division is responsible for the following broad functions:
  • Supporting the Council in formulating sound national HIV policies and initiatives and arise for the response, in particular the NHS;
  • supporting implementation of the NHS through the provision of relevant guidelines and appropriate technical support to provinces and stakeholders;
  • Oversee the management and implementation of the NHS
  • Assisting the Council in rendering timely and sound advise to NEC, Provincial and Local Level Governments on policy and strategic matters relating to HIV and AIDS.
  • Assisting the Council in preparing annual activity plans and budget for submission to Government and any other sources.
  • Preparing and submitting periodic report to Council on all activities implemented by the Secretariat with funding from the National Government and any other sources;
  • Providing support to the Council in reviewing and providing comments and feedback on all proposals being submitted to NEC on allocation of public funds and aide monies in relation to HIV and AIDS.
  • Strategic engagement with all stakeholders to foster collaboration and partnership for the purpose of supporting implementation of the NHS.
From Left to right: Sitting: John Kaupa, Martha Somo, Steven Amu,