Functions of National AIDS Council

  1. To be responsible for formulating, implementing, reviewing and revising national policy, in accordance with its objects, for the prevention, control and management of HIV/AIDS; and
  2. To make recommendations and provide guidelines on any issue related to HIV/AIDS to the National Executive Council and, where appropriate, to Provincial Governments and Local-level Governments in accordance with the national policy referred to in Paragraph (a); and
  3. To foster, co-ordinate and monitor HIV/AIDS prevention, control and management strategies and programs in the country, and to foster their evaluation; and
  4. To encourage, accept, administer and allocate aid monies, whether from within the country or elsewhere, for purposes consistent with its objects, and to account for such of those monies as are allocated to non-government organizations; and
  5. To administer and expend money appropriated by the National Parliament, or raised or received by the Council, for the purposes of the Council; and
  6. To make comment on any proposals to be submitted to the National Executive Council on the allocation and sharing of public funds, aid monies and other resources in relation to HIV/AIDS between national and provincial levels, the public and private sectors and other persons and bodies; and
  7. To consult and co-operate with the appropriate Departments, State Services, statutory authorities and other persons and organizations in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere on matters related to its activities; and
  8. To initiate, encourage, facilitate and monitor the preparation and dissemination of information and educational material related to HIV/AIDS, and ensure that any such material is in accordance with its objects; and
  9. To liaise with and advise Departments, State Services, statutory authorities, health workers and other health and allied services regarding testing, treatment, case management, drug trials, the setting of standards, and other medical issues in relation to HIV/AIDS; and
  10. To initiate, encourage, facilitate and monitor counselling, care and legal services in relation to HIV/AIDS; and
  11. To initiate, encourage, facilitate and monitor research, whether medical, epidemiological, psychological, sociological, legal and otherwise, on or in relation to HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea, and to ensure that any such research is carried out in accordance with its objects; and
  12. To advise and make recommendations to the Minister on the operation of this Act and any other law as it relates to HIV/AIDS, and on changes and amendments it considers necessary or advisable to be made to any law in order to promote and further its objects; and
  13. To provide advice to National and Provincial Governments and to other bodies and individuals on the operation of the law in relation to HIV/AIDS; and
  14. Such other functions as are given to it under this Act or any other law.