Advocacy and Social Mobilization Team

This Division will lead NACS efforts in extending the CoPCT model of service delivery beyond the health sector working closely with key populations to create a safe and supportive environment, address stigma and discrimination and improve access to basic services and commodities. In addition, the Division will assist the Council in exercising oversight over the production and distribution of all HIV related materials before they are disseminated to end users. This division consists of two Units- advocacy and awareness Unit and the Information and Strategic Communications Unit. It is responsible for the following broad functions:

  • Developing and implementing NACS advocacy strategy to advance NACS work
  • Devise strategies to work effectively with key populations and other civil society groups to create safe and supportive environment necessary for effective response;
  • Aggressively harness the range of communication tools and platforms including social media (facebook, twitter, SMS, blogs, websites) to advance the work of NACS.
  • Information dissemination through various media platforms
  • Initiating, encouraging, facilitating and monitoring the preparation and dissemination of information and educational materials related to HIV/AIDS.
  • Maintaining NACS website and social media platforms in collaboration with the IT
  • Ensure all information and educational materials are developed in accordance with the NHS objectives.
  • Coordination and oversight of the national communication strategy for the NHS

From Left to right:
Valentine Tangoh, Myles Maru, Robert Eri